As most of you might have noticed, I haven’t been very attentive to photography-lifestyle.com lately. This is mainly due to me being busy, as well as due to a little down turn in terms of motivation when it comes to photography, caused by a lack of creativity.

Lets take the time and talk a little about the topic of creativity. I will give you a some insight into how it works for me, what I do or what I don’t do, all after the break. (more…)


In one of my first posts in this category I told you that there is no need to take a photography course. And this remains true for most of the time and likely for most photographers. But there comes a time when you feel stuck, you are lacking inspiration, direction or you just need a special skill set in order to get a certain job done. Then it is time to take a photography course. But before you sign up you should take a couple of minutes to make up your mind on a few items.



I have always wondered and actually still do, what type of pictures you will encounter in the house of a world known photographer. Will he showcase his own works? Will he have the works of others pinned on his walls? Will you find only his family pictures or no pictures at all? (more…)


Now you are going to say, “that is the same topic as your last post about forums”. Partially this might be true, but as most things that are the same on a glance, they are quite different when you start looking for detail. And as a photographer you should be looking for details everywhere. (more…)