Now you are going to say, “that is the same topic as your last post about forums”. Partially this might be true, but as most things that are the same on a glance, they are quite different when you start looking for detail. And as a photographer you should be looking for details everywhere.

There are a lot of great blogs out there, some talk about technical details such as flash lighting (, others have a picture a day with a story (monochrome), others just post pictures (lichtbildnerin) (provoke) (friskypics) (electrosphere)(shutterview), another picks a different camera every week and take pictures (52 weeks 52 cameras) and some talk about photography in general (, some talk about photography as a profession (TheFstopMag).

Obviously those are just quick examples. You can sure find a million others. Or if you are lazy, just go over to coolphotoblogs there you will find tons of photography blogs.

As you can see, some are there to educate you on photography, others are just for you to look at the art and some are in between. The reason why you should read them is you will get ideas and advice you would usually never came across or would be hard pressed to find.They show you the world and different takes on the same idea (taking pictures). They will provide you will first grade information or pictures, only an RSS feed away.

And this is what it is actually all about. While a forum is active, or better interaction, a blog usually is passive, just consumption. You don’t have to do anything expect to visit the site and read about the stuff. And to decide if you like what you are seeing or reading or not.

As I said, concious consumption of photography…