I have always wondered and actually still do, what type of pictures you will encounter in the house of a world known photographer. Will he showcase his own works? Will he have the works of others pinned on his walls? Will you find only his family pictures or no pictures at all?

I have been to a few photography studios and apartments of photographers (pro and amateur) and I find it actually intriguing how people select the pictures and places they put up said pictures.

For instance there is a big, famous photographer I know, he shows his most well know pictures when you enter his studio. But the closer you get to his office (the place where he, against common believe, spends most of his time) the more personal the pictures get. He is actually very emotionally attached to the pictures and likes to talk about them way more than about his top line work. And in his office you will just find family pictures, nothing else.

I guess now you are curious to how I handle things, after all that is what the title indicates this article is about, isn’t it?

Well, honestly I used to handle things quite different depending on where I used to live and with whom. This ranged from no pictures at all besides my desktop background (yeah I think this one counts as well), to having a few pictures in frames here and there, to actually having my walls plastered with my favourite prints in varying sizes from 10×15 up to poster size.

But not only the amount of pictures differed but the type of pictures as well. Some of the pictures were family pictures, taken by me or somebody else. Others were just nice pictures, sometimes from random strangers or places I have been maybe for 1 minute. And somewhere in between there were pictures of my friends, places and stages in my life.

These days I’m just having very few of my own pictures displayed. Most of the pictures are from my fiancée, at various stages in her life. And the obligatory, yet for me very important, couple picture.

The reason for not having a lot of pictures of myself is simple. Most of the time I am the one taking the pictures and when I am not, I am trying to not appear in pictures. I’m just not that keen on seeing pictures of myself, I know how I look and I don’t need to see me over and over again.

The majority of the pictures on the walls are selected by my fiancée and her family, which is fine by me.

Now for the part that might spike your interest, what pictures are that? And here comes the kicker, they are usually not first grade pictures (and this is not for the reason that there aren’t any available, there are). They are out of focus, blurred, mostly with a centre composition and pretty much every other “mistake” you can make. But it doesn’t bother anybody. Not for the fact that nobody knows what makes a good picture (as I said before, her brother is a motion designer and her father is an art director). But they value the emotions stored in the picture more than its artistic value.

This is why you are forced to look at 2000 seemingly boring pictures of your aunt at the family meeting. They are stages, moments in her life she has a profound connection with. Things she wants to hold on to, share with you.

For somebody it might just be a standard graduation picture, but for others it is so much more. The end of an “era” , years of life, hopes and dreams of a bright new future.

And this is what I can say about the pictures in my house, they are moments in the life of people and all that comes with them. No big art, no award winning candid (yet ;-) ), no skyline of New York etc. just simple family pictures one likes to look at and think back at that day, when the shutter was released, all that was going on in this moment.