Most of the pictures I have taken over the last months, or more correct, the last year are in B&W. And people constantly ask me why is that. And why I don’t like colour. (more…)


The reason why you should, is pretty simple. When ever you expose yourself to photography you learn. When ever you look at a picture and ask yourself how it works and why, or respectively why not, you are learning.

So why read a forum? (more…)


For some of you, namely those who don’t have a micro 4/3 camera, this will be only slightly interesting, but for people like me, who do have such a camera (and since buying it tend to take 98% of their pictures with this camera) this is sort of big news.

Various manufactures have announced lenses:

Carl Zeiss for example 50mm f2.1 a 85mm f2.1 and soon a 100mm f2.1


Voigtländer with a 25mm f0.95

Noktor with a 50mm f0.95

in addition to the ones from Olympus and Panasonic you already know.

There is only one big problem about all this fuzz. Actually there are two.

One is the price. If you take a look at the Carl Zeiss lenses, either your heart will bleed or your wallet will. And even the reasonable ones are 799$ (Noktor 50mm)

The other problem and this is the more important one, none of those lenses is available right now. Cosina, Voigtländer and Zeiss haven’t started shipping yet (or announced what they are going to produce) and the one that has is out of stock and you can only put in a pre order.

I just can hope that this issue will be resolved rather sooner than later. Because what is the use of a f 0.95 lens when you can’t buy it?


After we figured out which camera is the right one for our needs and what else we have to take into account when we go shopping for photography equipment, now it is time to learn how to take pictures.



Some people take pictures of the world how it is. Others take pictures of the world but put their twist on it. Then there are photographers who create their own world. And then there is Yeondoo Jung, who takes the drawings of little kids and turns them into stunning Photography. Check out his series (here) and the rest of his work as well.